Homeschooling in the News, June 2020.

In the past month, here are a few of the homeschooling articles in the news or opinion sections.

Black and White

Black Americans homeschool for different reasons than whites: A sociologist, Mahala Stewart, interviewed dozens of parents on homeschooling. She believes white parents usually homeschool to get a more tailored education. Conversely, black families often homeschool to remove their children from a “racially hostile environment”.

Stewart reports that white children are twice as likely as black children to be homeschooled. She goes on to discuss other differences between white and black families. There is a discipline referral disparity between black and white children at school. Finally, family income is a factor in the homeschool decision. More affluent families are more likely to be able to work from home, while less affluent are less likely to be able to.

Homeschooling Projected to Increase

COVID-19 is about to trigger a wave of home schooling, and government officials need to prepare:  Jeremy Newman from the Texas Home School Coalition discusses a survey showing 40% of parents responding are more likely to consider homeschool or virtual school because of Covid-19. He writes about the growth in homeschooling in the past two decades, and the reasons for parents choosing to homeschool.

Additionally, Newman expresses concern about financial challenges homeschooling families face. Many are one-earner households and he says parents may have challenges when applying for government assistance because they homeschool. It seems the problem stems from needing to prove to the government the status of school attendance or graduation.

State Regulations and Homeschool Surveys

Homeschool attorney responds to Harvard professor’s claims that homeschooling is dangerous: The Christian Post interviewed T.J. Schmidt, attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). He addressed Bartholet’s claims related to state regulations. Schmidt explains that “No research has shown that increased regulation of home education has a significant effect on standardized test scores.”

Additionally, the homeschooling article discusses results of two surveys. One survey shows more parents are now considering homeschooling their children. The second survey shows one in five teachers polled do not plan to return to their classrooms this fall.

Public School Wait-listed

Some Cane Bay parents considering homeschooling after lottery leaves 51 wait-listed: Parents in a school district in South Carolina were not able to enroll their children in the neighborhood kindergarten for this fall. Due to the district’s policy to deal with over-crowding, the district held a lottery drawing which left 51 students on a wait-list. Some parents will be deciding between homeschooling, private school, or having children in different elementary schools from their siblings and neighbors.

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